Cristin Richard

DSC_8914_1Cristin Richard is in the movement of artists whose work is related to the body and identity. Her interventions, whether under the form of sculpture, performance, film or collage, examine the human condition and the fact that the body is physically and mentally determined in this condition.

With the idea of fashion as sculpture, Cristin Richard blurs the line between fine art and fashion. She believes that fashion allows one to create a second skin. It speaks to history, and provides an escape that is rooted in the truth to one’s own identity. One can transform themselves, allowing them to approach society in their own unique way. Through these observations, the artist develops and analyzes the subject of the appearance of one’s self, and also that of one another.

Cristin Richard was born in Detroit (MI), USA, where she currently lives and works. She studied at College For Creative Studies School of Art & Design, Detroit, (BFA). Richard has taken part in numerous exhibitions in the States and Europe where she has received a certain recognition for her work.